Terms and Conditions


1.1. The order is always concluded after complete and mutual agreement. Both parties act in the interests of the other. An order confirmation by e-mail is binding.

1.2. Your trip with our limousines is regulated by a service contract (chauffeur service). The contract is considered closed if it has been returned signed by the client in representation for all passengers. The agreed down payment has must be deposited in our bank account. As a rule, the down payment, including the agreed deposit, should be deposited at least 5 days before your arrival. For short-term bookings, written agreements also apply. We reserve the right to refuse to transport persons. All passengers must be registered in advance and may be asked to identify themselves on demand.

1.3. Cancellations & Changes

We understand that cancellations are sometimes necessary and unavoidable. Unless otherwise agreed to or provided in writing, the following applies:

  • The contract may be cancelled by either party at any time.
  • If following charges apply for cancellations:
    • 25% of the total amount are due for cancellations of up to 2 weeks prior to arrival;
    • 50% of the total amount are due for cancellations of up to 1 weeks prior to arrival;
    • 100% of the total amount are due for cancellations of up to 48 hours prior to arrival;
    • 100% of the total amount are due in case of a no-show!

In case of a cancellation from our side a maximum of the paid down payment will be reimbursed. The client is not entitled to any damage payments.

1.4. Down payment
The deposit is determined individually by us and will be returned immediately after the trip has been completed. The deposit serves to protect us against damages due to gross misconduct. It usually amounts to 100, – to 500, – EUR. The client has to inform the other passengers about the rules of conduct and terms and conditions, in particular about the handling with technical equipment and the smoking ban. Violations of our terms and conditions may lead to the retention of the deposit.

1.5. Number of passengers
The number of passengers indicated on our website are estimated and may vary depending on the passengers’ sizes and desire for comfort and space. The Chauffeur is entitled to refuse the transport persons if there is not enough space or security needs cannot be met.

§ 2. Passenger Conduct

You must adhere to German laws during your trip with us. You must wear a seat belt at all times.

2.1. You must follow the instructions of the Chauffeur. The Chauffeur is responsible for the secure execution of the trip and will always keep the maximum safety and comfort of all passengers in mind.

2.2. Passengers are not allowed to open car doors while the car is in motion. Throwing objects out of the car is strictly prohibited. Body parts are not allowed to protrude from the car. Yelling is not allowed.

2.3. If you wish to operate parts of the car yourself, please ask the Chauffeur to instruct you as to their correct and safe use.


We have a strict no smoking policy. In exceptions, smoking may be permitted upon prior agreement and if a deposit of 500,00 EUR is paid. The deposit is considered as a down payment if damages to the limousine are caused by the cigarettes. The full costs for repairing the limousine will be billed to the client, including costs for the downtime of the vehicle. The deposit will be repaid in full to the client after the contract has been fulfilled if no damages are found.


Please talk to your Chauffeur about bringing foods and drinks into the car.


5.1 For long term rentals of 1 week (7 working days) or more a deposit of 1/3 of the fare is due. Extension of the contract is possible after arrangement and availability.

5.2 Hiring with Chauffeur
If you book a limousine with chauffeur for a long-term rental, the chauffeur will work a maximum of 8 hours a day, with a half hour break after every 4 hours driving time. Alternatively, we may use several chauffeurs for a rental period. Travel expenses incurred by the Chauffeur during long-term rentals are to be paid in full by the passengers.